Which Countries Ban Anime Around The World

Once anime is produced (usually in Japan) it is reviewed by a third party during the allocation of its rating and in some countries by another entity to determine whether it is acceptable to be shown ...

Greatest One Piece Quotes - Landscape

19 Of The Greatest One Piece Quotes Of All Time

The following One Piece anime quotes are the hand-picked GREATEST by Immortal Anime.

Top 15 Most Beautiful Female Anime Seiyu (Voice Actors) 2021

The top 15 most beautiful women within the anime industry as a voice actor aka seiyu.

Best Legal Anime Sites

Top 5 Best Legal Anime Sites To Watch Worldwide

The following websites are the BEST legal anime sites worldwide for an English-speaker based upon 5 factors:

Anime News Sites

Top 5 Anime News Sites You Need To Start Reading

The following anime news sites are the BEST available worldwide for an English-speaker based upon 4 factors:

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