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Hajime no Ippo

The Dark Side to Hajime no Ippo

Don't worry I'm not the anime POLICE or anything! I am just bewildered as to how anime gets away with anything. In all honestly, this is the GREATEST aspect of anime in which being politically correct...

Anime Community

Entering The Closed Anime Community Starting Out – The Immortal Anime Journey

This has been hands down the hardest project I have ever done! And the main difficulty has been trying to get into the anime community. This article works through everything I have done at the beginni...

Anime Reactions for 2021 and What the Heck Happened

Anime Reactions for 2021 and What the Heck Happened?

With any new anime, it is usually hit or miss whether the show does well or not. However, in this instance the anime discussed have a history of success and are highly reputable. In summary, the expec...


Redo The Healer Controversy

Redo The Healer!......INTERESTING...More than interesting! Just give me a moment to digest the first few episodes. :) You would expect this type of anime to be the No.1 rating on Immortal Anime but un...

Anime Age Rating System and Why Certain Anime is for Adults

Anime Age Rating System and Why Certain Anime is for Adults

The anime age rating for some anime is questionable, to say the least. Many anime are shounen (recommended for age 13 to 18) but in some scenes, they clearly cross the boundary into seinen (18+). Howe...


Sony Acquires Crunchyroll From AT&T

Sony who currently owns Funimation will now own its main competitor Crunchyroll. This news is everywhere but why is nobody talking about this obvious point? Crunchyroll is currently owned by AT&T wher...

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