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I have seen many ways to rank anime ranging from user consensus to highest-grossing worldwide which are all ways up for discussion on which anime is the best. However, here on Immortal Anime, it is important to note that out of the thousands of anime made around the world only the most awesome, gruesome, and evil anime have been reviewed and ranked. As the founder of this website, it didn’t take me long to select how I believe anime should be ranked from an adult’s opinion. In this article, I aim to explain the following ranking factors in detail; Action, Story, Uniqueness, Character, Evilness, No Blatant Nudity, For Adults, Quantifiable Power.

While reading about all these factors you may ask the questions, ‘What about the Art?’, and/or ‘What about the Humour?’. Let me stop you there and answer why these factors have not been included. I believe every anime has its own unique art style and that one is not better than another, that they are just different. An interesting example is watching every episode of Bleach and then moving on to watch Ajin. In all honestly, I hated the Akin art (at first) but it grew on me binge-watching every season and now I love it!

With regards to Humour it just so happens that most dark anime doesn’t or shouldn’t consist of humour.  If the ratings were based upon this most anime selected only for Immortal Anime would be at a disadvantage to anime like One Piece or Naruto where humour is abundant.

Now we have that settled, let’s explain the ranking factors…


This is based upon how much awesome action happens throughout the anime. If there was literally non-stop fights without a pause in the whole series this anime will get a 10 out of 10. And why not, I love anime fight scenes and there are many different types, so what is the definition of ‘awesome’? It doesn’t just mean armageddon god fight scenes right at the beginning, it could mean a build-up of several episodes to the one fight scene or a super meaningful fight scene between friends that isn’t godly but just looks like a street fight. But it’s the meaning behind that fight that gives it awesome-ness.


How good is the overall story itself? Does it flow? Is it too slow or too fast? Is it predictable?

This all comes together at the end, starting at the beginning, middle, until the climax where we see if the authors wrote an amazing story and whether the director pulled it off. I can watch an anime with passion if it has an amazing story and zero fights, no problem. The definition of Action is my eyes, is the ability to excite and draw in the audience with a manner of violence.


So we have an excellent story with action but I’ve seen the same story before…Deja Vu!!

An example of the top of my head is ‘SAO’,  ‘I’m Standing on a Million Lives’, and ‘Log Horizon’. All are based upon a group of people going to a virtual world with a different plot.

  • These have been scored low with the first of its type not being impacted.
  • If the stories are totally different except for them just being in a virtual world, they have not been scored too low.


Am I the only one who has man cried (sulked for a week) over a character who has grown to love and they end up dying! The characters make the anime, they are the heart and soul of meaning behind any emotion and entertainment in the story. Most of my heroes are from anime, to name few – Goku, One Punch Man, Luffy, Great Teacher Onizuka, Homer Simpson etc… These are the ones I relate to and I’m sure you also relate to other anime characters too.


No bullsh*t anime going straight to the source of true excitement. Dark, powerful anime! This is the foundation of Immortal Anime, whereby most of the anime is dark and on purpose doesn’t include children’s anime.

No Blatant Nudity

The graphical art of every character can truly be powerful. Within these rankings, the anime which tends to present underwear and other soft porn techniques are ranked low. The reason for this is that the artists taint the art by putting this in. Truly, I much prefer watching anime for its brilliance.

By focusing more on the story, anime, and characters the anime will attract a better audience. If you don’t agree than by all means watch some Hentai but if you are serious about quality anime than don’t settle for cheap tricks to keep you watching the show instead of excellence.

For Adults

There are some anime out there that are for children but I still enjoy it as I have been brought up with it. Examples are One Piece and Naruto. There are over 600 episodes for each and I have seen them all more than twice. The reason is that they are very-well scripted with an excellent story and cool characters. I have included these in Immortal Anime however have rated these low for the rating of ‘For Adults’ as I want to emphasise these shows may not be for the standard adult. I started watching these anime with I was a kid and due to them lasting more than 10 years I am now an adult. I also want the readers of this website to be able to filter on ‘For Adults’ in the ranking page.

Quantifiable Power

I feel that the writer’s foresight was limited in some animes such as Dragonball. They have reached God Status since episode 1 and somehow keep getting more powerful and powerful where now I don’t know what the definition of powerful means. I see the heroes struggle when trying to reach new heights but only by screaming. Let me just pause there and say that Dragonball is actually amazing but I am just chosen this as an example. If the powers are unmeasurable than in my opinion this limits the realism of the show.


And there you have it, the reasoning behind how each of the anime has been ranked. I am honest in all of my reviews as you will see and truly believe you will enjoy ALL of the anime I present and review on Immortal Anime. Why? Because they are all packed with awesome-ness from various backgrounds ranging from gruesome horror such as ‘Attack on Titan’ to amazing characters like ‘Great Teacher Onizuka’. They have brought joy to my life and I hope they do the same to you. Enjoy!

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