What is Immortal Anime?

Immortal Anime is a place for adults who enjoy anime. As discussed in Anime Age Rating System and Why Certain Anime is for Adults, anime is for 15+ years old meaning young adults and above. The reason for this is that anime can be dark, twisted, and damn right evil at times which is what Immortal Anime allows you to explore within its dark anime reviews. In addition to this, Immortal Anime gives its 2-cent on discussions in the anime industry and latest anime news.

The mission is to deliver a platform for a more mature audience to read and discuss anime in a unique and more professional manner.

What does Immortal Anime consist of?

Immortal Anime consists of the following:

  • Reviews: Our dark anime reviews allow the reader to truly understand the evilness of the anime before watching. Even within anime that appears to be soft and harmless actually becomes very demented at times, which is AWESOME! And we want to make sure you don’t miss this while deciding what to watch next.
  • Upcoming: Our upcoming section allows the reader to see what Immortal Anime is going to review next.
  • Rankings: This ranking style is unique. What is the best anime that is dark and for adults!? It is based upon 8 ranking factors which are described in detail here. If the reader has an opinion they can contribute to the site through commenting which updates the reader rating of that anime.
  • Articles: Our articles focus on selecting the top content of a specific topic. I.e. Top 5 Best Legal Anime Sites To Watch Worldwide, Top 5 Anime News Sites You Need To Start Reading etc…
  • Hot Topics: Our hot topics give a platform for any latest controversial anime discussions. This means that the article is partisan to a certain opinion from the writer which prompt others who may agree or disagree to discuss in the comments. If the hot topic didn’t push a few buttons then it wouldn’t be a hot topic!
  • News: Our news section is a place to consolidate all of the latest dark anime news. This is also combined with daily news from Anime News Network to facilitate a quick glance at what is being discussed in the anime industry.
  • Markets: Our markets section helps our readers to understand the latest anime industry financially. There isn’t any clear information on this topic in the anime industry whereby Immortal Anime has consolidated all the information available for easy access which hopefully directs the reader into a good investment decision.

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